We Live Stream & Record Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations of Life And More

It's all included

Live Stream Everything
From the beginning to the end of your memorial or celebration of life services, we stream it all. Viewing, Memorial service, graveside service and celebration of life event are included at your discretion.
We record and livestream the entire viewing, funeral, memorial, graveside service, slideshow and celebration of life event so you can keep a copy for yourself and share with family and posterity. This becomes a family keepsake.
Unlimted Photo/Video Slideshow
You can send us as many photos and video clips as you want. We build them into a slideshow that we play on the livestream plus you can play at the viewing, memorial service, celebration of life, and share with everybody.
Every moment
We start the livestream and the recording at the beginning of the service and it continues until you give us the OK to stop.
We can live stream from most anywhere. Whether your memorial is in a church, park, school, home or far far far away, live steam brings everybody together as if we're all in the same place. Your services can be anywhere. From viewing to graveside service, our vehicles travel and bring our cameras to you.
DVD, Thumbdrive, Online Delivery
The entire recording of the livestream and all services is given to you on your choice of medium, DVD, Thumbdrive or online downloads. We recommend you share these recordings with family for generations to come.
Public or Private
It's your choice to make the live stream or your memorial, celebration of life public or private. We create the destination stream link and you determine if it's public or password protected.
It's not just another online meeting
We are professional TV producers. You can leave your uncle's camcorder at home and rest assured that our professional live stream equipment and personnel have you in good hands.

Satisfied Funeral Live Stream Customers!

You can be assured our customer service is top-notch. Happy clients make us happy too! We truly want your live stream and recording to be primo quality. We work with you every step of the way to make sure all details are taken care of because memorial and celebration of life recordings can not be repeated ever again.

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We are proud to have provided live stream and recording services for these families and so many others!

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Thankful Families Messages

Read what past families have to say about InMemorial Live Stream and Recording Service.

These things come as a shock. Having somebody pass away is not something you really plan ahead for but when it happens you want everything to be perfect. InMemorial live streamed my dad's memorial service and we never worried about a thing. They handed us all the recordings on a thumbdrive and my mom has watched it many times since then.

Robert H Thankful Client

Mom was everything to us and my siblings. We miss her! Being able to watch the services again has brought peace to our hearts knowing how much everybody loved our mom. Thank you InMemorial for doing everything just right!

Lawrence W Thankful Family


You can upload as many photos and video clips as you want. Some families have sent us as many as 500 photos for their slideshow! There is no limited.
Yes! Not only can they watch on their phone they can also watch on laptops, smart tv and computers.
No. We do not normally live stream to social media. However, if you request us to live stream to social media, we are happy to do that for you. It's your choice
You can have as many DVD copies as you want. They cost $10 per copy.
The live stream is a live broadcast. It is only online when it's live. It is not live until your event happens. After your event you may choose to upload your recordings to Youtube or some other destination. If you need help with that, we are happy to do it for you. We do not publish your event automatically. You must request this extra service.
We typically stream in 1080p Full HD resolution.
How long is the final recording?
Since we record everything from start to finish, the final recording is normally as long as your live event is. If your event is 3 hours long, the recording will be 3 hours long.
How long is the DVD?
DVD can only hold up to two hours of video. So, a 3 hour recording must be split across two DVD masters.
If you want us to give you the recording right after your event, just tell us. We can give this to you on the spot. DVDs take 4 weeks to deliver because they are processed and packaged in our production facility and that just takes time, including shipping.